• “I just want to let you and everyone know how much I appreciated the prenatal care you provided these last 9 months and a special thanks for the awesome experience we had for Gracie’s birth! It couldn’t have gone more perfectly. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can’t say enough how grateful we are to have used your services…it was wonderful. God Bless.”
    – The Cook Family

  • “Our birth with WMS was amazing! Having Hazen at home in such a relaxed and supportive setting helped us feel fully present and empowered. Hazen’s birth was a positive, life-changing experience. Throughout the pregnancy we were empowered to seek out information, make informed choices, and work WITH the midwives to bring Hazen into the world. I will never forget our midwives’ gentle voices, calm spirits, steady hands and their tenderness towards our baby boy. If we choose to have another baby, we will be calling on WMS.”
    – Shelby, Josh & Hazen

  • slider-picture-1“It was the best and most amazing birthing experience I have had! I am so grateful for WMS!! Throughout my second pregnancy and delivery it was nothing but feeling that I was their top priority and feeling that I was loved. Danelle and Eva were so wonderful during my deliver of our son! My husband had the opportunity to deliver our little boy and it was a very special moment. I am currently expecting again and of course I have come back to WMS! I don’t see myself going anywhere but here!! The staff at WMS are truly loving and amazing at what they do!
    – The Betancourt-Ornelas Family
  • “There is no way we can ever thank you enough for the competence, compassion and support we received throughout my pregnancy, birth and postpartum. We are so lucky to have had the experience from the Wenatchee midwife center – our midwives were dedicated to instilling us with knowledge and confidence. We will never forget how much you did to help us bring our baby girl into our lives. Thank you! You are a real blessing.”
    -Karenia, Shawn, and Leila Rose

Wenatchee Midwife Service & Childbirth Center offers full-service maternity care and is covered by most insurance providers.

Our Services

Complete Prenatal Care
    •    Free consultation visits with tour of birth center suites
    •    Initial prenatal visit, including a full medical history, nutrition and lifestyle counseling, and physical exam
    •    Hour-long visits allowing time for thorough education, informed decision making, and connection between midwife and client
    •    Access to labs, testing and ultrasound
    •    Availability to clients day and night for questions/concerns
    •    Medical consultation and referral available as necessary
    •    Resources for childbirth education, massage, chiropractic & acupuncture

Labor & Birth Attendance
    •    Birth Center or home birth services available
    •    Continuous care and support during labor and birth
    •    Water birth options at Birth Center and in home
    •    24 hour/day, 7 days/week availability
    •    Medical consultation and referral available as necessary
    •    Continued labor support by midwife if hospital transfer is necessary

Postpartum Care for Mother & Child
    •    Continuous care and support from midwives in immediate postpartum
    •    Complete physical exam of newborn, including newborn medication administration
    •    Breastfeeding support
    •    Postpartum education and take-home package
    •    24/7 availablilty to you and your newborn in the days and weeks following birth
    •    Postpartum visit at your home on Day 2, follow-up office visits on Day 10, Week 3 and Week 6
    •    Well-newborn care, including newborn metabolic screens, congenital heart defect screen, and hearing screen.


Many clients choose to have their baby born in the water, others use water simply for labor.  Many women can move into optimal positions more easily in the water and find the warmth and buoyancy eases the intensity of labor.  WMS midwives have extensive experience with waterbirth and carefully screen for risk factors.  Your midwife can monitor the baby’s heartbeat regularly in the water with a special waterproof Doppler, as well as monitoring your vital signs and well-being.  If you choose to have your baby in the water, the midwife will help you to bring your baby up out of the water and gently into your arms within a few seconds of delivery.  Waterbirth can offer a safe and gentle transition for your little one.   


  • A:  Several studies have researched the safety of out-of-hospital birth in various countries around the world.  The best research continues to show that out-of-hospital birth for women with low-risk healthy pregnancies, attended by a qualified birth attendant, is as safe as birth in the hospital.  Not only that, but in the U.S., women choosing out-of-hospital birth with a midwife have far fewer interventions during their labor, birth and immediate postpartum period, contributing to easier healing, breastfeeding and bonding with their new babies.

Out-of-hospital birth with midwives is quite common for low-risk women in many other countries (Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, most Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands, Japan, the list goes on), and the safety of out-of-hospital birth with midwives is well established and accepted. Midwives are trained extensively in normal pregnancy and birth and are often considered to be the “experts” in normal birth.

Click here for more research on the safety of home birth.


A:  The equipment and supplies at every birth, whether at birth center or home, is listed below:
        •    sterile instruments for the birth and cutting the umbilical cord
        •    an oxygen tank and resuscitation bag/ masks for mother and newborn
        •    a suction device for removing mucus and other material from the baby’s nose and mouth
        •    a Doppler for listening to the baby’s heart rate during labor and pushing
        •    equipment to monitor mother’s vital signs during labor
        •    drugs for preventing or stopping the mother from bleeding too much after the birth
        •    IV equipment and fluids for re-hydration of the mother, and if necessary, to administer antibiotics for GBS+ clients    
        •    equipment and medication for suturing
        •    We do not routinely provide Hepatitis B vaccines at birth.  This vaccination will be discussed and available through your pediatric provider




A:  About 90% of the time, there are warning signs that occur before a problem develops that allow plenty of time for non-urgent transport to the hospital.  Midwives are extensively trained in recognizing the warning signs that tell us that labor has gone outside of what is normal.  Not every problem requires a trip to the hospital; sometimes, just a change in the mother’s position or rehydration solves the problem. Issues requiring a hospital transfer most often happen during labor, but can sometimes come up in the first few hours after the birth as well.

    In the event of a transfer to the hospital, whether non-urgent or emergent, your midwife will accompany you to facilitate the transfer of your care and, whenever possible, stay with you through the rest of your labor and birth.

  • A: Sure!  If you are having a low-risk, healthy pregnancy, it doesn’t matter whether you are having your first baby or your tenth!


A: A Licensed Midwife (LM) is educated in the discipline of midwifery in a program that does not require her to become a nurse first. They are licensed by the Department of Health in the state in which they practice. Some LMs are also licensed nationally by the North American Registry of Midwives as Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs). They usually practice in out-of-hospital settings.

    A Certified Nurse-Midwife (CNM) is a person who has been educated both in the discipline of nursing and in the discipline of midwifery.  A CNM’s education is accredited through the American College of Nurse-Midwives.  They must pass a national exam in order to become certified.  Most CNMs work in hospitals.

    Laurie Braunstein, Danelle Aurilio, and Eva Lorenz are all licensed by the state of Washington as Licensed Midwives, and licensed nationally as CPMs by the North American Registry of Midwives. Additionally, both Danelle and Eva hold Master’s Degrees in Midwifery, and Laurie is a Licensed Practical Nurse.

  • A: No. The consultation visit is free. The purpose is for you to get to know the midwives, have a tour of the birth center, and ask questions to help decide whether working with Wenatchee Midwife Service is right for you.

  • A: Most insurance companies, including Medicaid or state health insurance, cover the care provided by Wenatchee Midwife Service. The midwives are in-network providers with most insurance companies and can determine the specifics of your coverage by sending a copy of your insurance card to the billing company. If your coverage has a large deductible or does not cover some aspect of midwifery care, an estimation of your out-of-pocket expenses can be determined.  For clients choosing to pay out-of-pocket, discounts may apply for early payment.  

Feel free to contact the midwives with any further questions!


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(poem written by Eric, Elliot’s dad)
We entrust the care of our most precious one 

To you
And you guide this one from

First sounds of heart 
To first sounds of breath

And you guide us from
Questions deep and wide
 To mother/father wide eyed

We hold our Elliot
Who blossomed in your caring hands

and your warm touch still remains

Companions to the birth

Forest of wisdom 
and strength 
Women of the Womb